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NTNU Discovery awards millions to innovative researchers

New revolutionary ultrasound technology. A smart sensor that automatically monitors the condition of electrical machines. Thursday November 9th, NTNU Discovery awarded NOK one million each to two promising innovation projects developed by researchers and employees at NTNU and Helse Midt-Norge.

Millions to NTNU inventors

A potential breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer's and a method for earlier diagnosing CP in infants were two of the inventions that received NOK 1,000,000 from NTNU Discovery today.

Mottakerne av hovedprosjekt-støtte i 2023

Climate aid

The construction industry is one of the climate evils. Today, it accounts for 40 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and 40 percent of energy consumption.

Aiding ALS patients

Tekst: Anne-Lise Aakervik | Foto: synlig.noA robotic brace lifting a paralyzed arm on command may improve quality of life. Meeting the ALS patients has been strong, says the trio. It has given them even more faith that MotOrtose can help give this patient group a...

Ask Knut — a system for finding and identifying ice

Tekst: Anne-Lise Aakervik | Foto: synlig.noIn the Arctic, several hundred different types of ice exist, each with its own characteristics and designation. A new app aims to make it possible to map different types of ice in record time, even for non-experts.The app...

Digital help provides good cyber hygiene

A research article on the wax moth caterpillar got three entrepreneurs thinking. The caterpillar eats plastic and leaves behind a substance that can be used for biofuel. Marine pollution and contaminated plastic is one of the biggest environmental challenges...


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