New game makes chores fun

Nov 30, 2017

Tekst: Anne-Lise Aakervik

Having a hard time getting the kids to help out around the house? Mænage is a game that is helping families delegate and carry out tasks for a reward. 

Life can be hectic, and families with children especially struggle to plan, stay on top of and do everything that needs to be done. Unfortunately, there are few tools out there that meets the everyday organizational needs of families. Ole Alsos and Alf Inge Wang intend to fix that. They have developed a game called Mænage, which helps families do just that: manage their everyday life in a fun and motivating way, using game elements and a competitive aspect.

Mænage is a new platform; it helps engage and motivate families, getting children and adults to participate more actively in tasks and activities, both at home and elsewhere. The result? Better use of the family’s time, and reduced stress for all family members. The tool is based on research into game-based learning and motivational psychology at NTNU, drawing on past experiences from the development of a wide range of serious games, including the smash hit Kahoot!.

In late 2016, the team behind Mænage secured a NOK 200,000 grant from NTNU Discovery to carry out concept verification testing and to finalize the concept and branding. Now they are ready to test the game in a larger market. Watch the video to learn more.

Film: Synlig design og foto AS

Prosjekter og nyheter

SiQua: 1 000 000
Cimon Medical: 1 000 000stud
Ragnarock:   830 000
Chatroom Safety: 1 000 000
RAS Robotics:   497 000
Dynamic Drillstring models for real-time
application in oil-well drilling: 1 000 000
InstaPatch: 1 000 000
Condilight: 1 000 000
SentiPack: 1 000 000

stud Ragnarock: 70 000
TTO LeakReg: 150 000
TTO GraphChan: 200 000
Stud FitFish: 30 000
Stud SeaSort: 30 000
Stud ArtiFish: 30 000
Stud CompaxSolution: 95 000
Dynamic Drill string Modell: 200 000
BakerMesh: 200 000
AlgeaPro: 200 000
stud Easy intervals: 35 000
stud Båtvakten: 25 000
The Digital wheelchair: 200 000
CASPHER: 200 000
Produksjon av Titan: 200 000
stud Autonom undervannsdrone for kontinuerlig
renhold av landbaserte fiskeoppdrettsanlegg.: 75 000
stud Autonomt system for subsea overvåking: 75 000
VisiBeam: 200 000
flyttet til 2020:
Moisture uptake: 200 000
Vevskutter 2.0: 200 000
Cyber Risk Assesor: 200 000



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