A journey with Blueye

Tekst: Anne-Lise AakervikFoto: When she was a little girl, Christine Spiten used to stick her head under water to explore all the fantastic life she found down there. At an early age, she dreamed of giving people “eyes” under water. And now she has, with...

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Want to teach the world to speak

Tekst: Anne-Lise AakervikFoto: Sounds Good is now Capeesh and takes aim to become the preferred digital language learning tool, tailored to its users’ unique needs.  In 2015, we wrote about two language researchers at NTNU, Professor Jacques Koreman...

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Extracting large objects from the stomach

Tekst: Anne-Lise Aakervik Foto: synlig.noExperiences from the Department of Gastric Surgery at St. Olav's Hospital led surgeons Ystgaard, Storli and Rekstad to develop a new instrument that makes it easier to extract knives, forks and other large objects patients...

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Driverless across the canal

Tekst: Anne-Lise Aakervik Foto: A small boat is quietly flitting around Trondheim’s harbour basin. The world’s first self-driving bike and passenger ferry is currently being tested.  The boat’s name is milliAmpère. It’s electric and should put off...

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Recycling quartz crucibles

Tekst: Anne-Lise Aakervik Foto: A new process makes it possible to recycle the quartz crucibles used in the casting of silicon for the solar panel industry. Today, these often end up in landfills. The method makes it possible to extract high-purity quartz...

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Consumer technology to monitor patients

Tekst: Anne-Lise AakervikFoto: Teknologi fra pulsbelter og fitnessarmbånd gjør det mulig å overvåke pasienter kontinuerlig. Og frigjøre tid for travle sykepleiere. The team behind this invention consists of four NTNU students who want to do make a...

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Caterpillar may help combat marine pollution

Tekst: Anne-Lise Aakervik Foto: A research article on the wax moth caterpillar got three entrepreneurs thinking. The caterpillar eats plastic and leaves behind a substance that can be used for biofuel.   Marine pollution and contaminated plastic is one of...

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Reveals initial calcification

Tekst: Anne-Lise AakervikFoto: Earlybird er en NTNU-utviklet ultralydteknologi som enkelt og kostnadseffektivt kan diagnostisere perifer arteriell sykdom på et tidlig stadium. Perifer arteriell sykdom er en svært utbredt sykdom med over 200 millioner...

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Helping researchers secure research results

Tekst: Anne-Lise AakervikFoto: Medical research requires living cells, and in vivo experiments always yield the best results. This may be about to change. CellFlow mimics the environment of the body and allows for large-scale cell testing. CellFlow is a...

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